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Sandra InfanteDecember 11, 20236 min

One year after Winnie saves her town from a psychotic killer on Christmas Eve, her life is less than wonderful. When an aurora appears in the sky, she makes a wish that she was never born and is instantly transported to a parallel universe where she realizes that things could be much worse if she never existed. Without her, the killer is still alive and is continuing to add to his list of victims. It’s up the Winnie and her oddball new friend Bernie to stop the killer once and for all and then figure out how to get back to her normal world. This was not a great movie, but I thought it was a solid horror take on the Christmas classic ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’.

I’m always down to watch any horror movie with Justin Long in it because I know some crazy ass shit is going to happen. He was great as Henry Waters, the mayor and enthusiastic businessman, who plans to build an affluent shopping center in their small town of Angel Falls. He was the best part of this film. This was a decent slasher with quality kill scenes. The director must be a fan of Slasher films. One of Winnie’s aunts, played by the amazing Katherine Isabelle, was named Gale Prescott (get it?). Also, there was a scene where the killer was knocked out for a while, and they all tried to sneak past his body on the ground. Very reminiscent of ‘Scream’.

This movie started with so much promise, but I thought that the ending sucked. They could have done so much with this, and the end just fell flat for me. It turned from a slasher film to where everyone in town was hypnotized in a cult-like trance for some reason. The love story between Winnie and Bernie was unnecessary. It felt like it was added as filler, but I feel that it didn’t add anything of significance to the story or the plot. Aside from a few good actors, the acting overall was just meh.

If you liked movies like Happy Death Day and Totally Killer, you should enjoy this movie. It’s a fun watch for the holiday season but there was nothing really memorable so I probably would not watch it a second time. It’s a Wonderful Knife is now streaming on Shudder.

Sandra Infante

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