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Sandra InfanteSeptember 16, 20236 min

Eight college students who share a love of horror books are involved in a prank that turns fatal. They are being followed and picked off one by one by someone in a clown mask who knows about their deadly secret. This movie is a complete copy of ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’ with a little ‘Scream’ thrown in, only a lot less entertaining.

I thought the kills were great. All different and brutal. I was surprised and impressed. I also liked the clown mask even though it wasn’t that scary. I figured out who the killer was quickly, but I didn’t anticipate an accomplice. It was cool to see and realize who it was when it was revealed. There were some moments of suspense, but not enough to make me give this movie a better rating.

The acting was forgettable. The final girl lacked personality, so I wasn’t rooting for her. I’d say about ninety percent of the movie was so boring. It was only about 90 minutes long, but it felt like that was too long.

Being a horror movie fanatic, I am used to the garbage that is being pumped out in this genre. They are always being made and a lot of the plots and themes are recycled all the time. Some work out for the better, but many do not. This one did not. This is a mediocre slasher that tries too hard to be an “old school” horror movie. Poorly executed and delivered. I’m glad I watched it to see those cool kills though. Other than that, I say watch at your own risk. If you have seen absolutely every single horror movie ever made and need something else to watch, then check it out. It’s currently streaming on Netflix. Otherwise, you can totally skip this dud. Hey, they can’t all be a winner, folks.

Sandra Infante

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