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Sonia RosarioAugust 3, 20236 min

Samantha (Sam) is a regular teen who spends her time hanging out with her little brother Gary and his friends making sci-fi/action movies in and around their home.  A couple of trouble making kids crash their good time and start to bully the kids.  Sam stands up for her brother and friends and within that interaction she surprisingly becomes what I would say is enamored by bad boy Billy.  While Billy and his friends are trying to decide what to do for Halloween, he finds out that Sam’s parents will be out of town and thinks that her house would be the perfect place for a rager.  He puts on the charm and convinces her to let them have a party at her house.  Of course Billy being the douche that he is cares nothing about Sam or her house.  The house is being wrecked by party goers and while Sam tries to end the festivities Billy bully’s her to continue.  Not soon after that, a bright light emanates through the house from the outside in and we see the silhouettes of alien life forms through the windows and this is where the party takes a turn. 

I love that Samantha was a normal teen.  She hangs out with her brother.  She gets annoyed at her brother.  She yearns for acceptance from the “cool kids” even when they are dicks.  She gets herself in a situation that seems to have no hope in sight.  But when the aliens raid the house party and abducts some of the party guest including little brother Gary and his friends Sam steps into action.  Literally diving in to save her people. 

There were some really cool fight scenes between the kids and the aliens.  The kids used a lot of the props they had on their “movie sets” and some weapons found on the alien ship to fight back.  There was also a transformation of sorts that turned one of the troublemaking kids into a raging monster. Not sure that was needed in the movie but it did make for some interesting scenes. 

I was impressed with the acting and dialogue.  The movie looked cool from the trailer so I was intrigued.  It wasn’t the best movie I’ve seen but it was entertaining.  Give it a go!

Kids vs. Aliens is currently streaming on Shudder.

Sonia Rosario

Wife, mother, horror lover, podcaster. I review movies for the love of horror.

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