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Sandra InfanteDecember 28, 20224 min

What happens when the United States military creates an animatronic Santa that has a major malfunction in a small town toy store? Answer: nothing good! A killing spree quickly ensues and it’s up to Tori, a local record store owner, to stop the murderous Santa. Christmas Bloody Christmas has all the qualities of a kick ass horror movie…sex, drugs, and a whole lot of violence! This movie is definitely not for everyone, but I thought it was an absolute riot!

I liked the characters in this movie. They reminded me of typical 80’s horror movie types. The quirky sidekick/love interest. The sexed up bestie and her annoying, nerdy boyfriend. The fired up final girl who ends up saving the day. It also had some comedic elements which I found entertaining. Another thing I liked was the amount of blood! It was so bloody! Hence the title I guess. This thing didn’t think, it just killed. No one was off limits in this killer Kris Kringle’s rampage and I loved that. Joe Begos directed this movie. He also directed the movie VFW a few years ago which I liked very much. He makes horror movies for the true horror movie lover. Violent, gory and action packed. He has a twisted mind and I’m here for it. I definitely have to check out more of his work. 

I mean, the movie was kind of dumb to be honest. The premise was just ridiculous but all the craziness made it worthwhile for me. 

This movie was crazy, entertaining, and a bloody good time. Sometimes those qualities that make up a not so great horror movie are the same qualities that make it awesome. I can see this movie becoming a holiday slasher cult classic in the future. This was some mindless fun and I say you should check it out! Christmas Bloody Christmas is currently streaming on Shudder. 

Sandra Infante

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