Sandra InfanteDecember 17, 20223 min

A young girl, Hannah, deals with her overprotective mother while trying to seek her independence. When her new friends keep coming up dead, she struggles with thoughts of whether she is the cause and her kooky mother suggests that she may be right. This movie was all types of weird. A lot of times I didn’t know what was reality and what was not. One thing I do know is that Hannah’s mother is all kinds of cray!

Karen Leigh Sharp did an excellent job as Hannah’s mother, Silvia. From her first moments on screen she gave off creepy vibes and her mannerisms and overall attitude made her seem down right wicked. I was rooting for Hannah to get away from her. Actually, I thought the acting overall was pretty good. Madeleine Masson plays Hannah. She was believable as a daughter conflicted between being there for her mother but also determined to get away from her tight hold on her. I also really liked the cinematography. It was beautifully dark and haunting. The setting paired well with the overall tone of the story and enhanced the film for me.

The movie was predictable. The killer was not a surprise and I figured it out pretty early on. All you can really do at a certain point was figure who would die next and how. I would have liked to see more deaths but I guess what was shown served its purpose. There was a lot going on as well. I was able to follow along with the story but I can see how someone could get distracted with all that was going on.

This is more of a thriller than horror but it definitely had some moments that horrified me. Lots of cringeworthy moments for sure. Twisted is available on demand and in select theatres.

Sandra Infante

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