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Sonia RosarioOctober 1, 20222134 min

My Best Friend’s Exorcism is the age old horror tale of besties trying to survive the trials of teenagedom while also battling evil…set to an 80’s soundtrack.  There is a strong fascination with horror filmmakers to create a film with an 80’s vibe.  I get it, horror movies from that decade were the coolest.  Plus, in general, the 80’s had some of the best music and fashion ever.  Also, its likely a lot of the directors may have been teens during that era and it makes sense to want to reflect back to that time.

Towards the beginning of the movie I thought they were trying a little too hard with the 80’s references.  The girls spraying their hair with a ton of hairspray and mentioning how much they’re in love with Boy George.  Then there was the mom holding a box of hamburger helper.  To me it felt like too much.  The movie didn’t need that.  Also, I’m pretty sure I heard someone say “bae” and that is surely not an 80’s term.

The acting was really good and enjoyable to watch.  I also thought it was cool how they had the possessed bestie wreck havoc on her friends.  Especially liked the “diet shake” that made you lose weight but also produced what I can only describe as a giant, freaky tape worm in your belly.  Also, this was clearly supposed to be a horror comedy but was it really funny?  Not so much.  Didn’t take anything away from the movie itself but I think I would’ve appreciated a little more humor in this.

Overall I thought the movie was was fun and entertaining.  I say give it a watch during this spooky season.  I appreciate filmmakers creating new and original titles.  It’s streaming now on Prime Video.

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