Self-help writer Faye Ryan is still dealing with the loss of her husband when she goes to a cabin in a Louisiana bayou to write her latest book. While there, she begins to experience something more frightening than her past. The only thing frightening to me was this movie, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

It was hard for me to write this review. A horror movie that centers around the stages of grief was intriguing to me. Dealing with constant grief and depression is a horror in itself. I liked the moments where Faye was on a stage talking to the audience about some of her life experiences. It felt like those moments would lead to an interesting point in the movie but I felt in the end that it didn’t go well with the rest of the movie and just got my hopes up. It’s a decent story that didn’t reach its full potential in my opinion.

I mean, I get it. The grief of losing your husband is terrible and the thought that talking to him as if he was still there can be a way to help heal but I thought it was too much. I was waiting at certain parts of the movie to be led into something terrifying but it didn’t. I can see how a person who has dealt with these issues personally can find this movie horrifying and relatable. Maybe because I haven’t had to deal with these issues it all fell flat and I just honestly thought it was boring. 

I finished the movie for the sake of this review but I was ready to shut it off after about fifteen minutes. It’s a shame but I wouldn’t even suggest watching this if you’re bored and there’s nothing else to watch. Avoid this movie if you can at all costs.

Sandra Infante

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