Sandra InfanteSeptember 18, 20214 min

I love going into a horror movie not expecting much and then getting a pleasant surprise when it exceeds my expectations. When I decided to watch Superhost it was because there was really nothing else to watch but boy oh boy did I pick a good movie to watch! Nowadays it’s not hard to find someone who has either stayed in or hosted an Airbnb and you always want to find a place or be the host that gets the best reviews. When two travel vloggers find their follower count diminishing they decide to create some viral content about their most recent “superhost” Rebecca, but little do they know Rebecca will do anything to get a stellar review. 


The absolute best part of this movie was Rebecca (portrayed exquisitely by Gracie Gillam). She showed her crazy from her first moment on screen and it didn’t stop. She played “creep” perfectly! The actors who played the vloggers Teddy and Claire (Osric Chau and Sarah Canning) are great in this too. All you ‘Supernatural’ fans may remember Osric Chau who played Kevin Tran in the series. They were fools to stay there after they first met Rebecca. Creepy vibes oozed from her pores. I would have bounced with the quickness! But if they did that I guess it would not have made this movie as good as it is. Another perk in this movie was an appearance by horror flick chick and icon Barbara Crampton. I didn’t know that she was in this movie so when she came on screen I was pleasantly surprised. 

All in all, this is one horror flick you don’t want to miss. With an 84 minute run, it makes its point quick and doesn’t miss a beat. If you haven’t gotten a Shudder subscription yet then what are you waiting for? You’re  just missing out on gems like this. 

Sandra Infante

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