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Sandra InfanteJune 4, 20215 min

I love the Saw movies. Some were way better than others but in general I loved watching them all. The first one was so original and had a great horror concept that I hadn’t seen before. The character of Jigsaw was so fascinating because although he was part of the reason that people died, he never really killed anyone. Everyone was given an opportunity to survive, albeit through gruesome means. The movies that followed were all good in continuing from the first one and connecting the missing pieces that the previous movies may have left out. I was excited when they announced a new installment in the Saw universe. Although it didn’t necessarily follow the same format as the previous movies, I had high hopes that this would add a welcomed addition to the series. I didn’t hate this movie but it just didn’t do it for me.

Chris Rock is a fantastic comedian and I think he’s a decent actor, but don’t think this movie suited him. Some comic relief is not a bad thing in a horror movie and with Rock as the lead actor you have to expect that but it was too much. I felt like every other thing he said was a joke for most of the movie and it just didn’t work. Also, what’s up with that new puppet? I mean, I get the idea behind it based on the underlying subject of the movie (don’t want to give away too much of a spoiler!) and I know Jigsaw is dead but Billy the puppet could have still been used as something familiar for the fans, along with Jigsaw’s voice! C’mon, it’s 2021! I’m sure the “killer” could have found a way to make the voice of the puppet at least sound like the original Jigsaw.

What I was most looking forward to seeing were the ingenious traps that the victims were placed in and those did not disappoint. The traps from all the movies are more brutal than the last and these were no exception. Pretty awesome!

I always root for actors that are not usually associated in the horror genre when they try their luck at a horror movie. I think all of us who are horror fans should support anything horror because it gets a lot of shit from mainstream reviewers. The fans are the ones who help keep this genre alive! If you are (or have ever) been a fan of the Saw movies I say check this one out and form your own opinion. Regardless, I hope they continue to see more of these movies made. If only just to see those crazy ass traps!

Sandra Infante

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